Tuesday, 18 December 2012

2012 Reflection Diary

Date: 18/12/2012

What subject do you feel you did the best in this year? Why? The subject that I feel good about is reading because I am where I am meant to be.

What subject did you not do so well in? Why?I think I am not good at Maths because I am not in the highest group.

Did I manage my time wisely this year? How?I think I am using my time wisely.

Did I get Golden Time this year? Why? or Why not? I get golden time all the time because I always finish my work.

What can I do differently next year? Why? Next year I will study hard

Give yourself smiley faces out of 10 to show how well you did this year:


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

My Anamation About A Song Called Shine Ya Light

This movie was made by Nikki andersen. I love to make movies. My movie is about a song called shine ya light. This one is not a remix this is the real one. I hope or hoped ypu liked it. I did hard work for thins movie. Good bye

Friday, 7 December 2012

Net-Book Reflection 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012
Before I had a netbook my work was messy and it hurt my hands, it was exhausting.I did not like it Alot.

My work right now is fantastic. It is fun now I like coming to school.It is a dilightful mashine.

Some frustrations are that my network connection does not work sometimes.My mouse always freezes.

Overall I am glad I have a cool netbook like this.I am grateful that my mom and dad bought this for me.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My Narrative

                                     My Narrative !!!
On a cold and rainy night everyone went to bed there names were Ally, Jaxso,Shelley and Kyle.Everyone except the grandad named sam he stayed awake.Then they got kisses and went to sleep.

After that Ally had trouble sleeping so she went down stairs and got a drink. Soon she was in the kitchen and she got her drink of water and she took one big GULP.Next She washed her cup and put it away.

So after that She went past the sitting room and through the crack she could see lights she thought it was aliens.She started to cry because she thought that the aliens was going to eat her.

After That Ally Took jaxson from His bed and he was scared. Then she opened up the door and it was only her grandpa watching T.V.So She Got a kiss and went to bed.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Toy Story

Yesterday in the Afternoon on Tuesday Room 14 were in our classroom. We started to Make Our toys from trash I was thrilled. A lot of us finished our toys and my one was awesome. After that we started taking videos and pictures of our work.

Soon after we finished making them. We tested it out to see if it will work and my one was a success, well my one was. I also decorate my one with different stickers. I was sweating and my fingers were going purple too.

At the end I realized that when you use a nut your balloon will pop. I know that because my friend Christian’s one popped three times. If you use a coin or a counter your one will not pop. I hope we can do another toy someday from the trash. I could hear a bang at the end of our session.

Friday, 23 November 2012

My maths book

This is My Maths book with my latest maths on it.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My toy the coin centrifuge

Toy:coin centrifuge

Link to instructions

  • balloon coin and a nut


  1. First you will need to get your balloon.
  2. Then you need a coin or a nut to put in the balloon.
  3. After that tie the balloon up.
  4. finally you have a coin centrifuge

Monday, 12 November 2012

How to make a paper hat

 Now you have a paper hat

Friday, 9 November 2012

I love you grandad

The man that died
Ones there was a girl with a mum and a dad.They took the little girl to have some lunch and the dad said ‘’her grandpa died today’’After that the mum started to cry and the little girl felt like crying too.They said he was a super hero. Article by Nikki Andersen

My reading


Ones there was a girl with a mum and a dad.They took the little girl to have some lunch and the dad said ‘’her grandpa died today’’After that the mum started to cry and the little girl felt like crying too.They said he was a super hero.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

triathlon day

Today me and my class room 14 went to do the triathlon at the back of our school.First we went to do a swim on a water slide.After that we went on the bikes an then we went for a run I was cold there.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Adding 10's

Adding Tens
L.I. I am learning to add tens to a number by counting on in tens or adding the tens together.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

super toy makers

Did you know that a wind up toy is a toy that there is a winder and you wind it up and it makes the toy move.The year 3 kids did not want to use the wind up toy in the playroom because it will row in the toys in there.The toy that Nicole made was going crazy and it was falling.After that Hazel had an idea it was to put a box under it and it worked.They drew special diagrams to help them but that’s a whole other story.A whole new story means that you can not be bothered telling that story.        

Friday, 19 October 2012

My Narative

One day mike and ally were engaged and they had a cool car.Mike was 26 and ally was 25 years old.They went into the shops to get a drink because that day was hot!!!

When they went out of the shops they were really mad because...
There was a man with a ski mask on and the person that was starting with the ski mask on had some wires.He got electrocuted for only 5 seconds.He was sweaty from that hard work.

After that the policeman came to the bakery for a donut for himself and for some other people.When the couple came out of the shops and sore that there car was gone because the man in the ski mask took it.Then the couple said to the police’’QUICK!!! there is a person that has our car’’and the police said’’what is the number plate’’and they said’’it is 1SE4N5’’

After that the police and Mike and Ally went to chase after that man that stole the car.Well Guess what there was a old man that was about 90 years old he was keeping the person that stole the car wait for long.Then the police caught up to the person that was stealing the car and the police took him to jail.

Then they had a big lunch of donuts and chicken wings.They had a big lunch because one of the police are retiring from being a police.The man that was going to retire he was 53 years old.Well 2 years later Mike and Ally got married and they found Ali's sister named Emily and she was 35 years old.’’OH MY GOSH’’!!! said Ally when she was in hospital pregnant with a baby ‘’it is a girl’’she said.Finally that family was happy and the baby’s name was linda!!!

Monday, 15 October 2012

In the holidays

In the holidays something bad happened it was that my big brother Nick had a big accident.He was in hospital and Me, Lee, my Mum,my Dad and my sister. When I went in to his room he was looking at me like he did not remember me but he did.

When I went to him he put his arm out and hugged me then he gave me a big kiss.When I looked to the side I looked at all the cards that I made for him.I tried not to cry.

I did not know that he could not talk so I tried to talk to him then My mum said “’He can not talk.” He was looking everywhere to see what was happening.Then I went to kiss him and hug him and He was happy. I went out of the hospital and I was happy that he was happy.

Overall I had a good day staying with my brother because I will not see him in a long time.My brother is going to rehab then I can make him bracelets and give him some flowers and also decorate his room!!!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dan's day sunday

Last night on Sunday was Dan’s biggest night of his life.Did you know that Cass finally spoke to dan? He could not take his eye’s off her.Cass want’s him to play at her birthday party and he said “I’m there already”. Stavros liked the band. Dan needed to check his fly, because he always forgets to pull up his fly. Dan’s family had a good breakfast on the outside table.

findind fractions from objects

improper fractions

My Favorited famous person

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My fractions

Dan's day sunday

last night on sunday was dan’s biggest night of his life.Did you know that Cass finally spoke to dan.he could not take his eye’s off her.Cass want’s him to play at her birthday party and he said”i’m there already”.Stavros liked the band.dan needed to check his fly.Dan’s famaly had a good breakfast on the outside table.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Valerie adams!!!

This is a story about valerie adams life and valerie also what she has dealed with the past fuew years well I hope you like it of liked it from Nikki Andersen!!!

Improper fraction

This is a fraction it is called a improper fraction.

My Fractions

This is a fraction that I solved can you solve it?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Dan's day

Dan was sad because his mum said she had a headack so she can not come but he found out that she can come.He was now he is happy and glad that she is there.That is maby why Dan and his band was good at the end.

My story about Whales

Did you know tha a whale is the biggest sea creature that is in the universe? It is not a fish because the mother gives it milk. I can not belive that it is the biggest animal in the World.

The dinosaur was the biggest animal in the world but they are instinct now so the whales are the biggest. I can not believe that the dinosaur is instinked.

The whales are so big that they are as big as two classrooms that is big.The smallest whale is a killer whale and the biggest is the blue whale.The biggest whale is 20 meters to 30 meters long.
The mums give the babies milk like a calf.They are called mammals.Did you know that humans are mammals too because we give milk to our babies?

dan's day

Dan said it was a big deal because he want’s someone from his family that is a parent to see him.Dan’s sister gave him a good hairstyle for his gig.Did you know that a fan club is when all of Dan’s fans go.At the beginng of the performance dan’s band was not that good but then they were getting better and at the end they were perfect.Mum wald of felt realy happy and proud of him.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Play Dough Fractions

Did you know that today room fourteen  had a session of fractions with play
dough? We had to make eel’s  with the play doh. The play doh felt nice.

It felt nice because It felt gooey, smooth, squishy, mushy and sticky. The play doh was orange like the sun setting. It was quite challenging to make it equal. We had to make halves, thirds, fourths and fifths.

I liked the smell of the play dough because it smelt like donuts and salt. “Yay”, I said when I got to hold it. It ran through my fingers which was nice. When I punched the play dough It was smooth and soft.

After that we had to put the play dough away in the ice cream container and I felt sad because I really liked making fractions with play dough!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Tommy Wilson

Did you know this morning at assembly this cool man named Tommy Wilson known as(Uncle anzac)His dad use to be in the war.His dad lied about his age so he can be in the war.

His five  korero’s were that if you make a person smile you will have a good life.
Tommy wilson made a book that was really cool.

Tommy Wilson was a butler for the queen and the king. He told a lot of stories that were interesting and funny. Tommy Wilson (uncle anzac) came to our school and he told us that our school was famous.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Philippa and Laura the cyclesyt

Did you know that the people that plays for new zealand paralympics are Philippa and Laura tompson.They have a disabilatys that are bad.

Philippa and Laura Thompson are doing the cycleung with each other it is called cycles.The disabolity is that they can not really see properly it is blurry.

These cycles are the people who play for new zealand that is cool because thay are good at using there legs.I think that they are happy to win gold even new Zealand will be happy.

Monday, 3 September 2012

My Monday Morning

This is a diagram about My Monday Morning. This is how I start my day.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Paralympics

Paralympic Games!!!

Did you know that the paralympics are games that have people that have a disability.There the people who still want to be in the olympics. They still do the same olympic events but in wheelchairs. Instead, they join the paralympics where they can compete against other paralympians  to win gold!

The winter and summer olympic games are going to be held after the paralympic games.The paralympic games are for the people with disabilities so they get to have a chance to be in the olympics. People who are in the olympics do not have disabilities.

Many people in the paralympics are in wheelchairs, have amputation and are blind.There are 20 events in the paralympics games including, wheelchair basketball, para equestrian, goalball and sitting volleyball. Most paralympic event rules are the same except for some paralympic events.

There are winter and summer paralympics games. The paralympic games are held after the olympics. The people that are in the paralympics have a lot of disabilitiessome of the paralympics events are quite hard for the people in the paralympics because they have bad disabilities.

The paralympics starts today, thats cool. There will be 4200 athlete competing in 20 different events. The games will be on the  29 August to the 9 September.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Dan's Day Saturday

In a paragraph retell what happened in this chapter. Focus on the main points.On Saturday Dan's parents and his friends parents come over to Dan's house for a BBQ.They were dressing up weird.everyone said that this is the best BBQ ever.

Dan's big sisters idea was to make a store board to remember him by.

Dan put the photos of chops on the notice board so they can see it. 

Dan's family put chops name in graffiti. 

They had a BBQ for chops death.

A dingo is a dog in Australia.

Aisle's dad 
decided to do a dingo dance.

He said that because he got tough that when he was a kid.

Dan and all of the kids were
embarrassed because there parents were dressing up wearied.

9. Why would have Chops enjoyed the Party?Chops would of liked the party because they were having a BBQ.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Cross Country Day

Guess what?On Friday everyone did there real cross country, it was fun. We had alot of cool things there.

The 9 and 10 year olds lined up at room 18 and waited for mrs burt to take us to the resurve then he came.Then we sat on the the benches to wait for mr burt to clap the red and black clapper and say''GO''. Off we went as fast as the wind.When we ran down the resurve and we got mud all over our cloths.

We went to the resurve and then we went into a place that that looked like a forest but it wasn't. The things that looked creppy was the creek with the spicks in it, the trees that had bees in it and the people just wached us with out saying where to go.

When we got to the tamaki collage I saw some people from tamaki collage, they were looking at me that was scary.Then I saw Miss Squires and she said come on you are doing well and I smiled.I saw only one telecom person and they looked friendly.

After the creek and Tamaki Collage we were back at school.Then I had mud in my shoes and it was slowing me down.But I still kept on going and I hered my mum and dad and also my brother say ''Keep on going you are neay there'', I was happy.

At the end of the race I found out that I was fifth and I just mist out of comeing fourth but I was still happy of my self. It was worth not eating lunch.
I  then had a big drink and a big rest.

My favourite part was when we went through the forest, went to the Tamaki College path,  and me winning fifth place.I think that this has been the best cross contery day that I have done SO FAR. Next I want to come 1st place!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Archery Animation... :-)

This Imovie is about my olympic event Archery. Archery is a sport with bows and arrows. This movie repersents the olympic athletes that play or like Archery. I hope you Enjoy my Movie... :-)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Lost Gold Medal!

Did you hear about Valerie Adams? She wants to have a nice ceremony. She said that she might have it at the cloud, Eden park or at South Auckland. Nick Willis said, "Valerie Adams deserves to have a GOLD medal because she did not cheat".

But something bad has happened, it is that the gold medal is hidden in belarus. This means that it is going to take a while to find that gold medal. I think that Valerie is worried that she will not get the gold medal but in her fans eyes she is always gold to them.

People that live in Belarus say that she is still the winner. The people from New Zealand are worried that she will never get the gold medal. There’s something that is a bit similar to what happened to Valerie and Nadzeya someone called Rashid Ramzi took steroids and then Nick Willis’s bronze turned into silver.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Valarie wins gold!

Did you hear about the lost of Nadzeya Ostapchuk that was using steroids before she went on to do her
shot put.Then a man called David Currie called Valeria Adams to say that she is the gold medalest now because Nadzeya Ostapchuk was taking  steroids.Then Nadzeya Ostapchuk said that they were lying about her being a positive of taking steroids.

I think that Valerie is happy that her silver turned into gold.I think that it is fair that Valerie gets gold because she did not use steroids for her game she uses all her strength. I feel that Valerie will never forget that time.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The greeks

In the ancient times in greece they did not have the torch they had something that is called the flame.

2700 years ago in greece they had their first opening ceremony.

In the greek times the greeks had the flame to represent the death and the re- birth for the greek heroes.

The flame was lit for years but at the closing ceremony the flame was extinguished.

Friday, 3 August 2012

My Goal and Dreams!

When I grow up I want to be a chef because I get to taste the food and I love baking with my mum.

My dream is to be like Rachael Ray. And my goal is to go to cooking school and then I can graduate and start to be a chef.

The person that inspires me in nigella the chef because she uses a lot of spices and herbs
and she makes the food look nice.

To get there I need to practice cooking with my parents and my friends.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic opening ceremony

Did you know that the opening ceremony was on July the  27th 2012 this year.The ceremony is all about the olympics and is also a fan base.If you do not know what a fan base is it is a place where the fans go to see the olympic people.

Mike Mcroberts was reporting live at london where the olympic ceremony was hosted.He looked really excited to be at london to see the crowd go wild and crazy.His face also got red.

During the amazing ceremony Mike Mcroberts  gave us some amazing footage of the ceremony. It had fireworks and a lot of medals were giving out to the people that were being hosted at the ceremony.I was amazed of the footage.

When I saw the queen and james bonds in the helicopter I was very amazed.When I heard that the queen was going to jump out of the helicopter with a parachute I was surprised.She must of been scared.

When they went back into the ceremony I saw that there was a lot of fireworks,Showing the old sports,dancing and singing.There was a lot of different countries at the ceremony.

My favorite part of the ceremony was when I saw the fireworks exploded into the air and then it let the game begin!!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Olympic game

In 2012 the summer olympics are going to be held in london,England and Great Britain.And did you know that this year the 2012 olympics are going to be in london this year in 2012.

The opening Ceremony  is a parade that introduced the olympics games.The Ceremony is opening on the july 27 2012.ceremonies for the olympic games are cool.

Did you know that the closing ceremony is on August the 12 2012.

The Olympic Flag

Did you know that a man called Baron pierre de coubertin designed the olympic flag in 1913-1914? Baron de Coubertin was a very special person because he designed a very good flag. The five rings that are in the olympic games are Interlocking. Interlocking means things that are connected together. Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green are the colours of the Olympic rings. They are placed on a white Background to make it nice.


Thursday, 19 July 2012

rowing Lady

This girl is from Argentina she is 182 cm and she is 73 kg.She is 30 years old and the thing that she does is rowing.