Thursday, 25 October 2012

super toy makers

Did you know that a wind up toy is a toy that there is a winder and you wind it up and it makes the toy move.The year 3 kids did not want to use the wind up toy in the playroom because it will row in the toys in there.The toy that Nicole made was going crazy and it was falling.After that Hazel had an idea it was to put a box under it and it worked.They drew special diagrams to help them but that’s a whole other story.A whole new story means that you can not be bothered telling that story.        

Friday, 19 October 2012

My Narative

One day mike and ally were engaged and they had a cool car.Mike was 26 and ally was 25 years old.They went into the shops to get a drink because that day was hot!!!

When they went out of the shops they were really mad because...
There was a man with a ski mask on and the person that was starting with the ski mask on had some wires.He got electrocuted for only 5 seconds.He was sweaty from that hard work.

After that the policeman came to the bakery for a donut for himself and for some other people.When the couple came out of the shops and sore that there car was gone because the man in the ski mask took it.Then the couple said to the police’’QUICK!!! there is a person that has our car’’and the police said’’what is the number plate’’and they said’’it is 1SE4N5’’

After that the police and Mike and Ally went to chase after that man that stole the car.Well Guess what there was a old man that was about 90 years old he was keeping the person that stole the car wait for long.Then the police caught up to the person that was stealing the car and the police took him to jail.

Then they had a big lunch of donuts and chicken wings.They had a big lunch because one of the police are retiring from being a police.The man that was going to retire he was 53 years old.Well 2 years later Mike and Ally got married and they found Ali's sister named Emily and she was 35 years old.’’OH MY GOSH’’!!! said Ally when she was in hospital pregnant with a baby ‘’it is a girl’’she said.Finally that family was happy and the baby’s name was linda!!!

Monday, 15 October 2012

In the holidays

In the holidays something bad happened it was that my big brother Nick had a big accident.He was in hospital and Me, Lee, my Mum,my Dad and my sister. When I went in to his room he was looking at me like he did not remember me but he did.

When I went to him he put his arm out and hugged me then he gave me a big kiss.When I looked to the side I looked at all the cards that I made for him.I tried not to cry.

I did not know that he could not talk so I tried to talk to him then My mum said “’He can not talk.” He was looking everywhere to see what was happening.Then I went to kiss him and hug him and He was happy. I went out of the hospital and I was happy that he was happy.

Overall I had a good day staying with my brother because I will not see him in a long time.My brother is going to rehab then I can make him bracelets and give him some flowers and also decorate his room!!!