Wednesday, 29 July 2015

ThinkBoard T3 W2

'Needs' vs 'Wants'

What is a Want ?

A ‘want’ is something that is normally expensive, that's why you want it because cool things are mostly expensive, you desire that things such as the new Nike kicks at the Adidas store or Footlocker, you want it and you spend all of your allowance on something that's not going to last long.
You think because it looks neat, cool or trendy that you need it to look good,
Truth is ... it won't, you're just paying the money to be or look cool, when there is another new thing coming out soon you regret purchasing that item .
Wanting something is more expensive than ‘Needing’ something if you think of it carefully.

What is a Need ?

A ‘Need’ is obviously something you need for everyday life,
Like food, Drinks, Money, Clothes etc...
You need clothes to wear because ... well I won't go there,
But you don't need labeled clothes, you could get clothes from the warehouse or Kmart, farmer and more places, you don’t need to go to the converse shop and get those expensive clothes, Money is another thing you really need, no, millions just enough to play your bills, groceries and clothes also shoes. Water is a ‘NEED’ but if you don't have money you can not pay your water bill and obviously you will get dehydrated and die of thirst. And have you noticed that things that you need are cheaper than buying things that you want. Such as if you go down to the Converse store and buy some cool chuck Taylor their prices are about $100 to $200 each, but if you go to the Warehouse and get a couple of cheap shoes that are only about $20 to $30 and they last quite a long time too.  

Why is a need more important than a want ?

A ‘Need’ is more important that a ‘Want’ because the things you need help you to survive but the things you want won't help you to go anywhere,
Well, actually that's kind of not true,
Because things you want might be some things you need ,that's if you're not a needy person. Like if you ‘Want’ water it is also a ‘Need’ because you need water in your system to keep you healthy and alive.
This one is for woman...
If you want to go to the store where they have plants and you want it is actually a need to, do you know why, Scientist believe that if you do planting and gardening it is healthy for you because apparently we are made up of soil and water. Well, I dont know if that is 100% true.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

ThinkBoard term 3 week 1 !

How Do People Receive And Spend Money ?

How Do People Receive And Spend Money ?
Money is a world wide currency that people use for various reasons,
Every country in the world has different looking money because of their queen governments and famous people are on their dollar notes.

How do I get money?
In the weekend I ask my dad if I can was the inside of his car normally he will say yes.
If he does say yes he gives me about $10 and he says If you can do the outside of my car you can get another $10.
If my parents do something wrong they would put some money in a jar and when it is full they give us the money in the jar.

My family knows be as a saver
I'm not the one to spend my money,
If I am feeling generous I get my brother and take him out for lunch.
Lee is what you call “ Stingy “ he never spends his money he asks other people to buy things for him.
I only spend my money on sweets but earn more money at the end of the week by more household chores.

To receive money you could go to a bank or your family or even if you are doing a fundraiser you could get money from stranger.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Term 3 Week 1

This is my maths work for term 3 week 1,
I did this by myself and in 1 day.
Please be sure to comment on my blog to give me some feedback
Thank You!

Triangle Addition!

Inference Writing !

Today we were learning how to do Inference Writing.
It is basically when there is a piece
of  Writing and you look for
information about the
story you read.  

Thursday, 2 July 2015

P.E.S should have uniform

I think that Pt England school should have uniform because it would be a popularity contest if we did not have a uniform.
By that I mean that if people couldn't afford fancy clothes people would be mocking them, saying things that would really upset that person,
also people would be buying expensive clothes wasting parents money.
It would be hard to find clothes for everyday of the week.

Clothes are a mission to clean if you do not have a washing machine and a dryer...
you would have to go to the dry cleaners everyday and wash your clothes.

But if you have  a uniform you would only have to wash your uniform once a week and you don't have to worry about what you have to wear the next day.
So I think that PES should have school uniform.

Imagine yourself without a uniform,
It would not be nice to do the different subjects at school,
like if you were wearing pants and a long sleeved shirt and you had to do P.E with that on but with uniform it is perfect for all subjects for the day.
So I say we should have uniform at P.E.S ( Pt. England school).