Friday, 30 March 2012


There was a mean chef he was going to get the male octopuses girlfriend out of the tank.
I don’t like the chef because he was very mean to have a dangerous battle with an octopus, he had a  
fight with the male octopus. I wonder if the chef is going to quit his job now? I think he learnt his lesson
I think that the message is do not go between love. To be continued for part 2...
Stay tuned!

Friday, 23 March 2012


On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we had school camp. It was for the year 5 and 6's. I was in the respectables and our teacher was Miss Ouano.

During camp I got stung by a bee, when I got stung by a bee I was doing a thing called get lost.
Every one in my team said "are you alright Nikki?" and I said "yes". When Miss Ouano came she took me to the sick bay. When she took the bee stinger out I had a little rest , then I caught with to my team. When I caught up to my team they were going to the farm. I tried to run but I just couldn't. When I finally caught to them I though oh what a relief! I would of been sad if I didn't catch up to them. After a while my foot was better, and I loved camp again.

When we got out of the hall we went straight to Mrs Jarman's office. When we went there we put our bags down she said we have to put our bags down. When we got settled down Miss Jarman said we are going to start cooking. We went to the tuck shop we said "what are we cooking?’’ and she said that we were making scones. Then we all went to the bathroom and washed our hands.After we washed our hands we went back to the tuck shop and got our buddy's. My buddys were Sarah and Alarzae. I didn't really want some bossy people that will boss me around so thats why I picked them.

When we finished cooking for the day we all got our bags and we found our tents and put our stuff in our tent then we had a shower and got to bed in our tents. I said "phew" finally.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day at camp.

When I went to camp I got stung by a bee also my tent was uncomfortable and wet.My Buddy's were Sarah and Rave.

In the Morning the people at camp went kayaking.When we arrived

there we all got a life jacket it was cool when I fell asleep.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Raves birthday.

In the morning on Friday, room 14 was very lucky.

On Friday morning we were lucky because it was Raves birthday. We all got yummy cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles. We got fruit kebabs too. I was happy when Rave’s mum said we were going to get one.

Then we all sang a happy birthday song to Rave. When we sang the song to her I was looking at her and she was shy. When she looked at me I smiled at her and said happy birthday in my head.

When everyone sat on the mat Miss Ouano said ’’you can start eating now”.
When we started to eat miss Ouano took pictures on her camera. Miss Ouano took a pitctures of me and I never knew that she was going too.

My favorite part was eating the cupcakes and fruit kebabs. I thought that the cupcakes were going to be nicer then the fruit kebabs.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Blindfold Experience.

Guess what? On Monday room 14 did a blindfold experience in the hall .
We all got a turn to go on the obstacle course.  There were a lot of exciting things there that were amazing. I love being blind folded because I can use my senses. 

I liked going over the tackling bags.When I went under the tarpaulin it was easy for me because I am small.When I went up the steps my partner was holding me because she was thinking that I was going to fall off the stage.

My favorite part was jumping off the stage and falling off on to a big blue mat.  To me it was lovely, perfect , cool and amazing I wander if YOU will do it one day?     

Monday, 5 March 2012

Great things take time.

Great things take time.

When I grow up I want to be able to cook and bake
for friends and  my family. I want to start by making
pancakes to making big big BIG cakes! J.K. Rowling took time and look what she has done.

I really want to be like J.K rowling because she never gave up.
She always edited her work just like I am going to take time when I am going to cook and bake food.
I will start baking when I am eleven because that was like my sister did and look were that took her.
I will cook for my family and friends.

When my family and friends are sick I will make something for them to heal them and make them happy. Just like J.K rolling made people happy by making verry good books.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Vision Board 2012

My Vision Bord 2012

1.sports.   I want to get better at swimming.   I want to ignore  people who  talk to me when the teacher is talking.
3.friends.  I want my friends to be kind to me.
4.maths.    I want to get my times tables right.
5.Health.   I want to get healthy.
6.Writing.  I want to use the rubber less.
7.Reading.  I want to finnish my books.
8.Family.   I want to help my mum with the dishes.