Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Rock Paper scissors

Today we played a game called rock paper scissors and it was amazing. The people how where playing where Sarah and Nikita and I was the computer girl that keep's the totals. Sarah had less because she is purple 46.2% and Nikita was red and she has 53.8% so good on her with all of her talent WOW!!! Well as you can see Nikita had more chance of winning and Sarah had less change of winning

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Best Friends

My Goals

listen to ‘Nikki writing goals’ on Audioboo

The things that I am good at are  using a variety of sentence lengths because last year that is what we mainly learnt about.  I am also good at a variety of sentence types. [Statement. Question? Exclamation! "Speech"] They are easy to learn to use and where they go in a sentence. The thing’s that I am unsure about is having one key idea for a paragraph, writing to include EXTRA detail to add more depth to the readers understanding. In Term 3 I am going to focus on Editing my writing thoroughly with correct punctuation, grammar (language of success) and spelling and try to include EXTRA detail to add more depth to my writing So I can write good stories and  hopefully when I grow up I get a scholarship.  

Friday, 5 July 2013

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Snotel


Author:James Michel

Characters:Name- SNOTEL, mood-Grumpy , strength- Strong, weakness- Humans

Setting: In a Stranger's House

What was the problem?Snotel woke up and we was in a stranger’s house and up his nose

What was the solution?The stranger picked his nose and flicked it out of his window in the park

Was there a plot twist?Yes there was-snotel was going somewhere then the dog came and sat on him so he ran somewhere else.

My favourite part of the book was? When snotel got sat on when the dog sat in the dog park

If I could change the ending it would end like this?instead of snotel getting sat on and went to snot hospital he ran’s as fast as he can and go back to the strangers house
Would I read this book again?I will read that book again because it was funny

Monday, 1 July 2013

Our trip to Kelly Terltions

On Monday the 1st of July all of year 5 & 6 went to kelly Tarltons and we a lot of cool things that we have never seen befor. The first animal that we saw were the penguins they were so cute but some of them were doing so funny things that we took pictures of. At their home there were more than one of them there are about four different breeds. They had a little place that they can swim and there were a part where they can waddell around.

The next place we went was to see the sharks and it was so amazing because it is like they are swimming on top of us there were all sort of different sizes and shapes that were pretty funky and that made me laugh. There is something that is like a convoy about around the shark aquarium. the thing that I saw was that the little sharks were swimming in the side of the glass and the big one’s were on the top of the glass that was a bit scary.  

After that we went to see the other animals and when we finished seeing the other animals we had some fun there was some cool things that we saw. one of the thing’s was that we got to do was that there was some chalk and a cork board and we all wrote our names and some of the people ever drew some penguins. And when I saw myself there was chalk all over me and my best friend christian. sooner after that we went back to the penguins BUT we went through the tunnel and the walls move but when you look at one spot it makes you feel like you are going to tip over.