Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Movenote - ThinkBoard

Movenote - Think Board

This is my Movenote,
I have done it with my friend Rave I hope you enjoy :)

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Future Aspirations!

Yesterday was the 20th of May and it was time for our future aspirations.
We all watched a short well a long clip about this man named Marcus Winter who is a sand artist.
Then classes 2 and 3 walked into a line into the street sitting down into our class lines.  Mr. Burt walked into the class and made his introduction about the school and himself.

As soon as Mr. Burt ended his speech a man named Andrew Patterson came up the front and introduced two men named Marcus winter and Louie Gordon Latty we all looked to the side and saw both of them sitting side by side. Andrew finished introducing the men and up came Marcus Winter. We all clapped while he was walking to the front.

He came up and announced his work to up and showed us a short video of what he does and what he takes interest in. Then he showed us a little dance and it was pretty funny. we all had to stand up and dance with him I thought it was funny but embarrassing. Once we finished our little dance we sat back down and he showed us a slideshow of what he did in Queens Street in the City. And he also worked in the theaters on ships that was pretty cool I would like to work on a ship doing what I love most.
Then he sat back down and another man came up.

After that a man named Louie Gordon Latty came up and showed us a clip of when he created. If you didn't know what he created he created this camera that videos your game whether its Soccer, Netball, Basketball ETC... and once your game is finished it stops recording and send a message to the players who contributed and says “your video is now ready to watch” and sends the video to them. I thought that was awesome.  
It was time for him to sit and Andrew Patterson came back up to say thank you for having us it has been a pleasure.

Once he finished talking it was time for our school waiata and to give all three of them a box of chocolate.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Maths! - ThinkBoard

This is my maths my two friends and I have created. 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Week 4 Term 2 Maths Work :)

This is my Week 4 Term 2 maths work for this week !
I enjoy maths so this was easy for me :)
Thank you for having a look at my blog :D

Monday, 11 May 2015

My letter to Jim O' Dwyer and Eric Henry :)

Image result for WWII
NAME : Nikki ADDRESS: 23 jump street POSTCODE : 0352 DATE : 11/5/15

Dear  Jim O’Dwyer and Eric Henry,
I want to start off by saying "Sorry" for the tragedy and short notice that the war spread all over the islands.
All of you guys were very smart of what you did  when your younger brothers joined the WWII.
When you had to beat them up just so they didn't have to contribute in the war. And good for you for trying your best !
I am so terribly sorry that the Germans invaded the islands!
I also heard of the really gruesome things that happened to you guys like when your leg got shot and you arm was hanging on by your skin.
Poor Guys !
And I also heard that your father was a priest and you said to him “Father, I am not going to die” And that was really heart warming !

Yours sincerely and faithfully Nikki :)

Friday, 8 May 2015

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My letter to William Stowers !

NAME: Louis Stowers
ADDRESS: 23 Jump Street
                                                                                      POSTCODE : 029
DATE: 6.5.15

Dear William Stowers,
Good news that our brothers are fine in England but I am terribly sorry that you have gotten shot in the neck and that the bullet traveled out through your right ear what agony you went through. And sad that you are recovering for 3/4 months in France.
Hopefully The lovely nurses will take good care of you as you are recovering.
I will give all my love to Bella and the kids for you as they are missing you dearly.
Don't forget we are all praying for you to get better and hopefully we will see you soon !

Yours sincerely & faithfully Louis

The Anzac Button !

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Maths term 2 week 3 !

  1. 450 + 450 = 900 + 0.5 = $900.5

  1. 725 x 200 = 1450 + 0.50 = 1450.50

     3.  12.50 x 3.00 = 375.50
           375 x 2 = 750

    4.  84 / 7 = 12
   5.  216 / 12 = 18

   6. 390 / 15 = 26

  7. 18 + 30 = 45

  8. 125 + 655 = 780
      125 + 5 = 130
      130 + 70 = 200
      200 + 500 = 700
      700 + 80 = 780

      80 + 500 +70 + 5 = 655

Monday, 4 May 2015


My letter to Gustav Guttenbeil !

NAME : Nikki
ADDRESS: 23 jump street Wellington

Dear  Gustav Guttenbeil,
I want to say sorry for the death of your beloved father.I am sorry that I do not know what you went through. At Least your father  was educated in Aotearoa, New Zealand were education is the best!
As you were born in Tonga you must've loved it there so sorry that you can not go back and even more sorry that you have to live in Germany but could not speak one bit of German...
I have said sorry a lot but it is because you have gone through a lot.
Also sorry that it was a big mistake moving to Germany due to you being part German.
It is amazing that your mother is part Irish.
She must of had an awesome Accent. Being as young as you I would hate to be put in this precision mostly because Germans were hard on children  75 years ago.
It must of been tough joining the British Force against Germany mostly because you were part German as I have said many times.
Well I just wanted to say sorry for your childhood and the death of your father.  And yes you can go back to Tonga no one is holding you Back !
Yours sincerely & faithfully: Nikki