Friday, 20 November 2015

Andrew Patterson

This morning a well known man named Andrew Patterson. Every year he comes to our school. But he came today to talk to all the year 8 students at Pt. England school because the year 7’s went to a school trip to Rainbows End. He came to talk about college.

He handed out pieces of paper to everyone. On the paper there was a riddle. Everyone was trying to find out the answer and most people thought that it was your brain. Well, they were wrong. The answer was your habits. Good and bad.

He showed us another two pieces of paper, with words like Relaxation, we all had to put our hands up and think about things that relaxed us, there were other ones too.
We watched some clips and films. They also showed us one clip that was a boy who was an inspirational speaker.

Time flied by and it was an end of Andrew Patterson’s Speach.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Paris and their supporters

Last week, Paris got hit by a terrifying tragedy. Men from ISIS made a terrorist attack and killed 129 innocent civilians. Sadly the people involved with ISIS told the people in Paris to turn off the lights on the Eiffel tower. They were all scared for their lives so people from other countries turned on lights from their statues and buildings. eifel.jpg

They were very brave to support Paris and turned their lights on. A week later Paris said they had enough of being scared and said enough is enough so they joined in to the other countries and they turned their on lights back on. They were also very brave to turn their lights on.

Manaiakalani film festival

Last Wednesday everyone from Pt. England school went to sylvia park to watch other people make movies. We all loaded onto the bus and started to go. I sat next to one of my friends Quinlan on the bus. We both were extremely excited to watch the manaiakalani movies.

The bus stopped and we walked through sylvia park in our lines, we also walked past people from other schools who have already been to the earlier session. running up the staircase I though in my head “ WOW, I can’t remember the last time I went to the Manaiakalani film festival.” Quinlan and I both stayed in the same line so we could sit by each other, We entered the movie theater and saw that Ruapotaka school was already there. We both went to the back and found two seats.

As everyone settled down the movies all started to begin. About 20 minutes into the movies two people from our class went up on stage and began to speak. Their names were Mary and Rave. I then began to have an even bigger smile on my face knowing that our movie was going to play. Suddenly the movie began to play and Quinlan was not happy at all because she was the main character in the movie. It was the end of the movie and I was happy to say our movies was the best.

Other movies from other class and some from other schools began to play, I liked them all, but I still knew that our class movie was the best by far.
The Manaiakalani film festival had come to an end. Knowing that they were going to be the last manaiakalani movies I watch, I thought to myself “Man, these were the best movies out of all the movies I have watched, And that is saying a lot considering I have been here at Pt. England school for 8 years.

We all went back onto the bus and headed off back to school.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

A time with friends!

RING!! the lunchtime bell went off, we all got into our P.E gear ready for our fabulous afternoon. We all put our shoes on and sat in our class lines in the street.

“Good afternoon senior block” Said Mrs. Tale’a “Good afternoon” said the students, “We are going to have a good afternoon today, we are doing the amazing race”. Everyone cheered from the top of their lungs with excitement. Mrs Tale’a gave us information on where we are going, who will be looking after our stations and when we are doing these events.

Walking in our little groups we made it to our first station. The station was called Pea Pipes. This event was basically when we had a little straws each, and on a table in front of us there was a plastic bowl of frozen peas. We each had a turn of sucking up a pea and running to the other side of the court were there was an empty bowl to drop the pea in.
10 minutes up the teachers looked to see who was the winner of this challenge. “And the winners are ..... Room 1. We were gutted that we didn’t win but for good sportsmanship we won ourselves 50 points. That cheered us up heaps.

It was then on for the next round.
We walked through the breeze and saw that there were 3 desks with bowls on each on them. Inside of the bowls there was Spaghetti, tomato sauce and fruit mixed up to make this big piece of blob. We sat down back into our group lines. Miss Peato was the teacher running this challenge. The first challenge was one person from each group had to stand up and eat 1 weetbix and whoever eats the whole thing first wins points. Brandon, one of the people in our group went up to take on the challenge. “3, 2, 1, GO!” Brandon broke it in half and crunched the weetbix in his hand, he then stuffed his face with one half of the weetbix. Once he finished that side he put the other side in his mouth. He opened his mouth and everyone saw that he had finished it first.
It was then onto the next challenge, 3 people from each group had to eat a whole mixing bowl of spaghetti, tomato sauce and fruit. The 3 people from our group were Mary, Lesieli and Brandon. I couldn’t bear to watch them eat that so I looked away.
But I didn't’ want to miss out on all the fun so I peeped and looked at what was happening,
I saw them sculling it all down their mouth, but room 1’s boys won 1st place.
So it was then onto the next challenge.

Out through the breeze and up the street we went into room 2 and saw Miss Clark with pieces of paper, I then realized this was going to be a brain teaser.
We sat in groups on desks, Miss Clark handed both groups a piece of paper and we had to solve 3 problems. 1st problem was a really easy one and the answer was a window, because the question asked us, what is use to see through walls. The other group was still figuring out the question. It was now onto question 2, this one was a bit trickier because it was a maths problem. We got the answer right. Miss Clark said we were the only group out of everyone who got this question right. I was really happy that we got it right. It was then onto the last question, The question stated, there was a boat on the dock, the water level was low but the water levels were getting higher, how deep was the boat under water was it if the water levels has risen. We also go this question right. The answer was “it was not possible because if the sea level had risen the boat would have risen too.”

We were onto our last challenge of the day and the challenge was called Photo Booth. We all had to dress up in funky clothes and see what group looked the funkiest. We weren't that funkey I must admit, but we were happy that we got to spend time as friends and overall had a good day.