Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The 7 stars

Did you know that matariki is the 7 stars. They are the 7 sisters. There are 500 of the matariki stars but they are the ones that you can see clearly are only 7 of them. We celebrate them because you do not see them a lot they are not common in the world. Did you know that it is the Maori new year so that is a special moment for them the most. There names are Waiti, Waita, Tupu-a-nuku, Tupu-a-rangi, Waipuna-a-Rangi, Uruangi, Matariki.

When we celebrate we go out to where you can see it the best but you have to wake up early so you do not miss it. You will have to wake up before 4:00am. That is why you need to put your alarm clock on if you have a celebration you normally have a big nice hungi. People that are in a community get together and look art it together.

Did you know that the matariki star go away for a bit then it come's back so you can see then again. The stars are 500 of them but with your naked eye you can see 7 clearly. If you look through a telescope you can see a lot and you might see al 500 o them if you are lucky.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

William’s wheel of sports Athletics

Title:William’s wheel of sports Athletics

Author:Justin brown

Characters:Grace is:helpful  and her strengths is long jump:William competitive good at running.sprint happy all the time good at shot put.

Setting:At their school field

What was the problem?The problem is that they could not find a fourth person

What was the solution? They had a meeting for a fourth person.

Was there a plot twist? The plot in the story is that they had to spin a wheel but they had to clean the fish tank.

My favourite part of the book was? My Favourite part was when he got his card for his collection he had 99 then he got 100.

If I could change the ending it would end like this? At the end it will be that the card had powers and it made them win all of it and the mean boy came last

Would I read this book again? yes if I had this book I will read it.

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story.
exciting and really cool also it was fantastic.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Emperor penguins feeding

Did you know that when penguins eat there food they slide off the ice and dive into the water. After that they hide when they have found their food (krill & fish) then the penguin get’s the fish or krill and goes.

Next the penguins are travelling miles to go to their chicks then the big seal come out of the water and all of the penguins run away but there was only one that was not fast enough.It got cough and the seal go it by the foot.

Sooner after that it managed to escape from the seals mouth and it had blood all over it’s leg and it tried to waddle to it chick but it called not.So the penguin fell over and died also the baby died of being staved to death.      

Thursday, 6 June 2013

My comic life

This Is an Comic life that I have made in my literacy group it is called a dlo.I was fun making it.I love doing stuff like this hope you like(d) it.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Stuck in antartica

One windy and cold Afternoon in antarctica there was a person named Kylie she went to antarctica to see what the animals in antarctica do that was her job.She got paid quite a lot her brother was in hawaii and she was in antarctica.

The next morning she made a house for herself because she was could every night.But she had nothing to rear she was  just wearing a singlet and shorts but she went to sleep and there was a seal that came to her house and ate her food and took her singlet.

When She work up she said”oh I must of kicked my blanket  somewhere I should have something to eat “then she opened up here coler and there was no food and she screamed and the birds all ran away. She panicked because she was stuck in antarctica for about 10 years she was scared.

At night time she heard something like a whale of a seal or even some krill so she went outside and all she called only see water and ice. So she got her torch and she went to the water and she saw the seal and it was eating the food and she said’’a ah I can see you” so she went back to her house and got her knife. Then ran to the seal and cut it up.10 years later people saved her and she live happy for the rest of her life.      

All About My Best Friend Christian

Did you know that I have a best friend called Christian She is the best friend I have ever had. she is 10 years old and her birthday is on July the 24Th. Christian is so pretty she has good taste in clothes too.

When I look at her she smiles and when she smiles it brightens up my day so much. she has brown hair but she dyed it a bit blond. when she sleeps over at my house she makes me and my friends laugh .

My friends turned into her friends too and that is cool because it gets us together even more. Christian has 4 brothers and she is the only girl in her family. That is why she comes over to my house to stay the night.

She always paints her nails and wears make-up at my house and hat is cool because she can play modelling and I am always the judge. Christian is big compared to me but it does not bother me at all.