Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Stuck in antartica

One windy and cold Afternoon in antarctica there was a person named Kylie she went to antarctica to see what the animals in antarctica do that was her job.She got paid quite a lot her brother was in hawaii and she was in antarctica.

The next morning she made a house for herself because she was could every night.But she had nothing to rear she was  just wearing a singlet and shorts but she went to sleep and there was a seal that came to her house and ate her food and took her singlet.

When She work up she said”oh I must of kicked my blanket  somewhere I should have something to eat “then she opened up here coler and there was no food and she screamed and the birds all ran away. She panicked because she was stuck in antarctica for about 10 years she was scared.

At night time she heard something like a whale of a seal or even some krill so she went outside and all she called only see water and ice. So she got her torch and she went to the water and she saw the seal and it was eating the food and she said’’a ah I can see you” so she went back to her house and got her knife. Then ran to the seal and cut it up.10 years later people saved her and she live happy for the rest of her life.      


Rebekah said...

Hi Nikki I love your writing and a few of your sentences. You really make good sentences begins. You are really good at writing but its just that your p2 didn't make perfect spelling or something like that but I still love your writing. Keep up the good work Nikki.

BY REBEKAH :) :} :]

Mr Chris Marks said...

Some interesting ideas in your story Nikki. Just be careful about how you add detail as you have thrown extra information into your story that doesn't fit well with the sentences around it. Come and have a chat with me at school and I'll explain a bit more.

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