Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My one Paragraph about whales

Today My literary group were talking about whales and we Had to do three sensitises if you listen you can listen to it well the sensitises are short long and complex ...   

Did you know that Whales are the biggest Creature in the entire Ocean Well the blue whales is. They have streamline body to cut through the water when they move. There tail is so enormous that it helps them steer though the water and it also help them find there predictors and the prey.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Me when I was Small and when I was Older

Before and Me After

In the Before picture I was small and I was Only 5 years old and Now I am 10 years old It was 5 Years ago. 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Meaning of these things

Word from the text
south part of the world
A very strong wind
pack ice
An expanse of large pieces of floating ice driven together into a nearly continuous mass, as occurs in polar seas.

The snail that opened a smoothie stand

              Snail trail

One day there was a very loud snail that opened a smoothie stand. He was colourful well only on his shell his name was snail trail and he also delivers mail in his spare time. Snail trail was so loud he always says’’WHO WANTS SOME SMOOTHIES WITH A SIDE OF SLIME“ really loud.
Every day when he goes to work the people know that they can steal his smoothies because he is small so he was so sad. Everyone said”What are you going to do about it snail trail”. Snail Trail got mad and a bit sad so when he finished work he went to the snail GYM to work out. GYM It was called snails vania.

The next Day snail trail went back to work and he went to the GYM the previous day and he worked out so he could give the people a lesson. After a few minutes the people came back to try and take some more smoothies and the person was about to put a cherry on the smoothie and BOOM!!! Snail trail climbed on his head and put slime on the man’s face.

Then the other people said ”Hooray snail trail”!!!. And he felt proud of himself but the people had to block their ears because he was so loud when he said”I AM THE BEST it even smashed some glass even  some people’s glasses, So everyone went in line and he was selling a lot of smoothies. Then the man that was stealing the smoothies fell in the pool and he was not happy and it was freezing too .

Difference of an Adelie and Emperor Penguin

This is the Difference of a Adelie and emperor penguin.

Friday, 10 May 2013


Guess what?on Thursday A famous person came to our school We all love him and we all know him it was A man from the black eyed peas. Well it was WILL.I.AM. I was Shocked that he will come to our school. He gave us a wonderful present it was $100.000.

I liked it when he said’’you need to choose your Best Friends”Because I choose my best friend Christian. WILL.I.AM was brought up in a poor nabourhood but he followed his dream to be a singer.

WILL.I.AM came to our classes to see what we were doing and that was cool.Then he went to room 16 my class and I nearly fainted Because I have never been near a famous person ever in my life.

Just before WILL.I.AM came to our class room and we were in the hall he got a giant poster of himself and he singed it and it was for the hole school.When I looked back to see WILL.I.AM I sore the people from 1 and 3 news and I was happy.


Thursday, 9 May 2013


Did you  know that in Antarctica it  is  the coldest desert in the world. It is cold because it is a big place. If you go in the water you will freeze to death. The temperatures in the water and out of the water is below 0.10%.

There is a lot of animals in the south pole which  is  Antarctica. It is amazing that there is no polar bears or any kind of  bears there. In Antarctica there is a lot of animals and they are enormous too.There is no fuss with the animals because they are use to living in the freezing snow that is why  they do not freeze to death.


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Cup Cakes!!!

Me and my BFF Christian went to room 14 to test some cupcakes it was fun. Christian and I has fun.We coloured in the colours on our sheet it was amazing!!!

Monday, 6 May 2013

What I did in the holidays

On the holidays I had a great time we went to the pools and it is called parakai pools it is so fun.There are two Water slides One of them are small and one of them are big.The small one is so slippery it is good that it is bright in the water slides it is better.

The next Day we went rock climbing and it was exorcising but it was worth it.After that we had lunch there so that is why it was worth it so we do not get tired.When I walked in to the rock climbing place I thought that I was not going to make it on the on the top of the wall But I did.