Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lydia Ko

Lydia Ko 

This week is week 7 and term 4 and our class is doing our weekly quiz. I wanted to do Lydia ko because she is a proud golfer for New Zealand. I hope you enjoy my story about Lydia Ko.

Lydia Ko was Born in April the 24 of 1997 in Seoul, South Korea which means she is still a teenager. She was born in Korea and then she moved to New Zealand and became a professional Golfer. She is on the top of the golfing rank. And did you know that she is the youngest golfer to win a golf tour.

She began playing golf as a five-year-old when her mother took her into a pro shop “at the Pupuke Golf Club” at the north shore. She was owned by this man named Wilson who was still coaching her till 22 of December of 2013. And a funny fact Lydia Ko’s nickname is lyds how funny is that!!!

Friday, 7 November 2014

My Perspective drawing

This is my perspective drawing I hope you like it.

Monday, 3 November 2014

My Colour Wheel.....

This is my colour wheel.

My Kitchen Rules .....

This week is week 4 and it is term 4 and we have started on our weekly quizzes. This week I thought I might do a blog post about  the program MKR. MKR stands for My Kitchen Rules. It is on T.V 2.
 I hope you enjoy my blog post about My Kitchen Rules.

My Kitchen Rules was so cool but it was tough. I watched the finals and they announced the winners and they were Nina and Belinda. I was so proud of them but I wanted Aaron and Heather to win because they made really nice sea food and food from the islands. Nina and Belinda made organic and earthy foods.

All of the contenders were so nice and they all made an amazing effort but only one team could win. I watched every episode of My Kitchen Rules and it was so close with all of the points. If I got to choose a winner I would of chosen Aaron and Heather because they made nice food.

When I watched the grand final When Nina and Belinda and Aaron and Heather competed against each other it was so close Nina and Belinda came first BUT Aaron and Heather came second and just lost by 1 point. After the judge's announced the winners Ben and Garret said to Aaron and Heather "You have done an awesome job that is why you can come into my restaurant and teach my workers your Pacific food"