Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lydia Ko

Lydia Ko 

This week is week 7 and term 4 and our class is doing our weekly quiz. I wanted to do Lydia ko because she is a proud golfer for New Zealand. I hope you enjoy my story about Lydia Ko.

Lydia Ko was Born in April the 24 of 1997 in Seoul, South Korea which means she is still a teenager. She was born in Korea and then she moved to New Zealand and became a professional Golfer. She is on the top of the golfing rank. And did you know that she is the youngest golfer to win a golf tour.

She began playing golf as a five-year-old when her mother took her into a pro shop “at the Pupuke Golf Club” at the north shore. She was owned by this man named Wilson who was still coaching her till 22 of December of 2013. And a funny fact Lydia Ko’s nickname is lyds how funny is that!!!

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