Monday, 26 May 2014

Scottish flag !!!

This term is term 2 and week 3 so we have our quiz for this term. For this I am going to do the Scottish flag. The Scottish flag is a visual question so it was a bit hard. I am going to tell you facts about the Scottish flag.

The Scottish flag has a cross on it because of the st. Andrew also known as saltire 2. It is one of the oldest flags in the world , dating back in the 1st century. However there is another Scottish flag with a lion on it which is only the secondary occasions. The first one was inspired by St Andrew.

The flag of Scotland has a white X-shaped cross to represent the cross of the Christian martyr Saint Andrew (Scotland's patron saint) on a blue field. White colour represents peace and honesty on the other hand  Blue represent vigilance, truth and loyalty, perseverance & justice.

Monday, 19 May 2014

cup phones

How do different medium affect sound?
I predicted that it will not affect the sound because it is just the length not like a tunnel where the sound changes weather it is long or short.
For this experiment we need 2 cups , String , ribbon , nylon , thick wool thin wool , toothpick , ruler ,  Tape measure ,
Process/Method: 1. get 2 cups put a hole through the bottom on the middle. 2. Measure your medium (string . . . ) so they are the same length. 3. Attach the medium to the cup with the toothpick .
Describe what your experiment showed? You may need to include a link to a spreadsheet  where you recorded your tallies/results.
The wool was the best for the cup phones because we could hear each other clearly

Sound ?

Have you ever imagined a world without sound wouldn’t be very welcoming. it would be very strange and very silent. We wouldn’t be able to enjoy eachothers company and we won’t be able to enjoy music. without sound it would be hard to communicate with each other but what is sound ?

Sound is something we all use to communicate. we use it to enjoy life and  communicate. There are different types of sound there are high pitched sounds , low pitched sounds slow and fast sounds sound is very useful. Sound is made by objects that vibrates.

What makes sound different ? Sound is made by air molecules that hits each other and vibrates, What makes it different is the sound waves. The sound waves are different so  if there are high sound waves the sound goes slow because it takes a long time for it to go over. On the other hand when the sound is low it goes fast because it is fast over the sound waves.

If you go into space you would not hear sound because there are no air molecules so it does not vibrate so you can not hear sound. in deep space there are no molecules to vibrate thus sound cannot be heard.

So now you know how sound is made and you also know what makes it different.
Sound is pretty awesome because you can not see sound but it is still there , even if you have really good eyesight you still can not see sound. And when you are in space you can not see it you can’t even hear it in space that is cool.


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Nigerian girls KIDNAPPED ?!

In Nigeria there were some school kids that got kidnaped. The kidnapper said to the parents “ I will sell them and make them slaves”. This kidnapping started in the middle of April and is still going on till this very day. There were nearly 300 of the school kids that were kidnapped. About 276 are still missing from their families.

This happened when the girls heard sounds of gunshots about a block away. They looked out of the window and saw people coming to their school and they commanded them to come with them so the kidnappers can have them. Every day were the nigerian girls stay as slaves only get little amount of food.   


Do you know what Echolocation is ?
Echolocation is the way some animals such as dolphins whales shrews and some birds get around. They use high pitched sounds that can travel.. Echolocation is used to find the animals prey and to navigate. The animal sends out  sound waves that travel and hits the prey and recashet back to the Animal. Humans can not hear the Echolocation because it is inaudible for humans because the ultrasound is 20 000 +herts which is a high frequency.

This may not sound ordinary but there is a boy who is named Ben. Ben is blind and he uses Echolocation. He is very good at Echolocation he know where things are and how high or low things are. When Ben was a little boy he had cancer and so he had to have his eye’s taking out and now he can do incredible things. If you want to know how ben roam around you should try to tick your way around.

The animals that use echolocation are dolphins whales shrews and some birds, They use it to find their food like for example bats eat mosquitoes, moths, and other insects as they fly through the air. Only some bats eat fruit and flower nectar and even animal blood. on the other hand dolphins like to eat fishes, squid, and crustaceans such as shrimps and whales like to eat microscopic plankton to very large fish.

All of these animals that I was talking about are all warm blooded because they can make their own body heat weather it is hot and sunny and weather it is cold and snowstorms. Their body temperature normally stays the same.  


Monday, 5 May 2014

Science definition!

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 1.32.12 pm.png

Science definition, a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws.

The Start of term 2 !!!


Today I woke up excited to come to school with my heart pounding out of my chest wanting to see all of my friends and my teacher. It is the first day of term 2 so we got to have *immersion assembly*. The topic for this term is I like to move it, move it and assembly was funny. So the focus for this term is about how things move and work so it basically means that it is a science topic and I love science. But for my class and the rest of the team are learning about Sounds.

So when Mr. Burt said “Lets have a round of applause for the awesome *team 5* ”. My heart was pounding and my spine had a tingle I really wanted to find out what the team 5 teachers had come up with. When I saw the teachers walk down to the stage I pick my head up high and sat real straight so I could see. I finally saw team 5 and it was really funny with all of their *hand made* instruments and then they had created a music video and that just topped it off.

* Team 5 is the year 7’s & 8’s who are the last years of Pt England school.

* Hand Made is when you make something yourself.   

* immersion assembly is when all of the teachers dress up for their topics.