Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Do you know what Echolocation is ?
Echolocation is the way some animals such as dolphins whales shrews and some birds get around. They use high pitched sounds that can travel.. Echolocation is used to find the animals prey and to navigate. The animal sends out  sound waves that travel and hits the prey and recashet back to the Animal. Humans can not hear the Echolocation because it is inaudible for humans because the ultrasound is 20 000 +herts which is a high frequency.

This may not sound ordinary but there is a boy who is named Ben. Ben is blind and he uses Echolocation. He is very good at Echolocation he know where things are and how high or low things are. When Ben was a little boy he had cancer and so he had to have his eye’s taking out and now he can do incredible things. If you want to know how ben roam around you should try to tick your way around.

The animals that use echolocation are dolphins whales shrews and some birds, They use it to find their food like for example bats eat mosquitoes, moths, and other insects as they fly through the air. Only some bats eat fruit and flower nectar and even animal blood. on the other hand dolphins like to eat fishes, squid, and crustaceans such as shrimps and whales like to eat microscopic plankton to very large fish.

All of these animals that I was talking about are all warm blooded because they can make their own body heat weather it is hot and sunny and weather it is cold and snowstorms. Their body temperature normally stays the same.  


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