Monday, 19 May 2014

Sound ?

Have you ever imagined a world without sound wouldn’t be very welcoming. it would be very strange and very silent. We wouldn’t be able to enjoy eachothers company and we won’t be able to enjoy music. without sound it would be hard to communicate with each other but what is sound ?

Sound is something we all use to communicate. we use it to enjoy life and  communicate. There are different types of sound there are high pitched sounds , low pitched sounds slow and fast sounds sound is very useful. Sound is made by objects that vibrates.

What makes sound different ? Sound is made by air molecules that hits each other and vibrates, What makes it different is the sound waves. The sound waves are different so  if there are high sound waves the sound goes slow because it takes a long time for it to go over. On the other hand when the sound is low it goes fast because it is fast over the sound waves.

If you go into space you would not hear sound because there are no air molecules so it does not vibrate so you can not hear sound. in deep space there are no molecules to vibrate thus sound cannot be heard.

So now you know how sound is made and you also know what makes it different.
Sound is pretty awesome because you can not see sound but it is still there , even if you have really good eyesight you still can not see sound. And when you are in space you can not see it you can’t even hear it in space that is cool.


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