Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mothers day and Birthday.

In the weekends I went to Sylvia Park to buy my mum’s birthday present and her mothers day present.

First we brought her a new pair of slippers for her mothers day present.After that we wrapped up her present up in wrapping paper.On the wrapping paper it had bows on it because she likes bows.Then when we finished wrapping it up and my mum was in bed we gave her it and she liked it.

Next when it was the afternoon my dad my brother and I went to get my mums birthday present and we wrapped it up as soon as we went home, But I had to wait to give the present to her because they were eating Mcdonalds.

When I gave my mum her birthday present I said``HAPPY BIRTHDAY’’and she was happy.Then we gave her a chance to open the box to see what her present was and it was a new phone and you can type and touch. 

My mum was so relived to have the phone that we got for her because the keys were to small for her so she could not type properly so she would always type what she did not want to type.
she also liked her slippers because they were fluffy.

Caring for A Baby Bird

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Swimming at Y.M.C.A.

In the afternoon, Room Fourteen went swimming at the GI pools. When we set foot in the pools I was so SO SO thrilled to swim.

We had to go into the big pool, and do a test to see what group we will be in. In our test we had to kick to the thing that is called a island that is a very funny name for it.when I made it into group three I was HAPPY.

After that I grabbed a board and started to to do ‘brain goggle cheek’. That pool was very long to swim in. There was something that was very cool, we have a different  instructor every day!

Finally we all finished our lessons and  we all got changed in the changing rooms.
When we finished swimming I was cold because I was in the cold pool.
A very good thing is I got all my friends in my lesson and they are Emmy, Ofa, and Lesieli.

I will be happy tomorrow  because I get to swim again. I love swimming because I  better at swimming, so that I do not drown.

Marking my paragraph

I have been marking my Andy Warhol work and I have 16/20.

Andy warhol’s POP ART is very famous and nearly everyone  knows how famous his art is. He takes photographs of celebrities and then he does pop art over it. If you do not know what POP ART is, pop art is when Andy Warhol does art of popular brands, popular people,and popular food and drinks. In Andy warhol’s day there were a lot of  celebrities.I think that  a lot of celebrities go to the supermarket to get some products to make their skin soft and they can get make up. The style of art is that he reverses his colours in some of his art.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Living in a Shipwreck.

Shipwreck 1.2.07 Part 2

1. Complete the table below, writing the Advantages(good things) and Disadvantages (bad things) of living in a shipwreck.
Advantages  (Good things) of living in a shipwreck:Disadvantages (Bad thing) of living in a shipwreck:
It is fun.
A wail might come.
there is nice things.It will might crash.
nice food.It might sink.
It view is nice.

you will might get seasick.
confitible. You will fall out.

2. Think about how to retell this story in pictures. Decide on 3 main events: one each from  the beginning, middle and end of the article. Then draw a picture for each event using tux paint. Try to think of a creative idea to show the flow of events in your illustration.

Write your 3 ideas below first.
Main event at the beginning:
Main event in the middle:
Main event in the end:

In 192 there was a ship called the STAR of canada.It was stieaming into the port in gisborn.when every one was on the ship they got carm.

Then one day the ship was sinking and they had enough power to save the captain cabin and the wheel house.

After a lot of year the ship was imbedded and then some people then went in it at a place where they can go in to check it out.

the story that Living in a shipwreck is from Ann young.                    

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Andy Warhol's Style of Art

Did you know a man called Andy warhol was a very good artist. He made a film about a man that was sleeping for six hours, that's why it was called 'SLEEP. Andy warhol did Pop Art and he did it in America where all the popular people lived. Andy painted Marilyn monroe who was an actress in movies. Andy also did pop art of the famous boxer Muhammed Ali.

The main reason why Andy Warhol is famous is because he was on of the first people to do POP ART. No one can do better pop art then him.Andy warhol’s POP ART is very famous and nearly everyone  knows how famous his art is. He takes photographs of celebrities and then he does pop art over it. If you do not know what POP ART is, pop art is when Andy Warhol does art of popular brands, popular people, and popular food and drinks.

Warhol’s art looks real and when he was doing his art he was using bold outlines and bright colours. In Andy Warhol’s art he inverted his colors. Andy Warhol used Silk Screening for some of his artwork. When Andy Warhol was doing his art he was doing it with concentration that's why his art looks real. His art is wonderful because when he did his pictures of Marilyn Monroe he made her eyes sparkle.

I like that Andy Warhol uses bold outlines and he uses detail. I think that Andy warhol would have loved creating art!