Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Swimming at Y.M.C.A.

In the afternoon, Room Fourteen went swimming at the GI pools. When we set foot in the pools I was so SO SO thrilled to swim.

We had to go into the big pool, and do a test to see what group we will be in. In our test we had to kick to the thing that is called a island that is a very funny name for it.when I made it into group three I was HAPPY.

After that I grabbed a board and started to to do ‘brain goggle cheek’. That pool was very long to swim in. There was something that was very cool, we have a different  instructor every day!

Finally we all finished our lessons and  we all got changed in the changing rooms.
When we finished swimming I was cold because I was in the cold pool.
A very good thing is I got all my friends in my lesson and they are Emmy, Ofa, and Lesieli.

I will be happy tomorrow  because I get to swim again. I love swimming because I  better at swimming, so that I do not drown.

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