Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Living in a Shipwreck.

Shipwreck 1.2.07 Part 2

1. Complete the table below, writing the Advantages(good things) and Disadvantages (bad things) of living in a shipwreck.
Advantages  (Good things) of living in a shipwreck:Disadvantages (Bad thing) of living in a shipwreck:
It is fun.
A wail might come.
there is nice things.It will might crash.
nice food.It might sink.
It view is nice.

you will might get seasick.
confitible. You will fall out.

2. Think about how to retell this story in pictures. Decide on 3 main events: one each from  the beginning, middle and end of the article. Then draw a picture for each event using tux paint. Try to think of a creative idea to show the flow of events in your illustration.

Write your 3 ideas below first.
Main event at the beginning:
Main event in the middle:
Main event in the end:

In 192 there was a ship called the STAR of canada.It was stieaming into the port in gisborn.when every one was on the ship they got carm.

Then one day the ship was sinking and they had enough power to save the captain cabin and the wheel house.

After a lot of year the ship was imbedded and then some people then went in it at a place where they can go in to check it out.

the story that Living in a shipwreck is from Ann young.                    

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