Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Mothers day and Birthday.

In the weekends I went to Sylvia Park to buy my mum’s birthday present and her mothers day present.

First we brought her a new pair of slippers for her mothers day present.After that we wrapped up her present up in wrapping paper.On the wrapping paper it had bows on it because she likes bows.Then when we finished wrapping it up and my mum was in bed we gave her it and she liked it.

Next when it was the afternoon my dad my brother and I went to get my mums birthday present and we wrapped it up as soon as we went home, But I had to wait to give the present to her because they were eating Mcdonalds.

When I gave my mum her birthday present I said``HAPPY BIRTHDAY’’and she was happy.Then we gave her a chance to open the box to see what her present was and it was a new phone and you can type and touch. 

My mum was so relived to have the phone that we got for her because the keys were to small for her so she could not type properly so she would always type what she did not want to type.
she also liked her slippers because they were fluffy.

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Chante said...

Wow Nikki,

I remember when we went to get mum a present! She was wearing her slippers when I went to go see her for the day. Thank you for sharing!!!

Love you LOTS


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