Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Cyclone Ita

This week is week 11 , so my class has been doing weekly quiz for week 11. For this week I am going to talk about cyclone ita. I want to talk about Cyclone Ita because it is interesting hope you enjoy .

Cyclone Ita is called Ita because when there are cyclone they go in alphabetical order but for example if there were two cyclones then there would be four because it goes girls name then a boys name , from the same letter.

With the damage the cyclone left with the people of australia without any power and unfortunately homes. Without power people are not able to do most of their things and can DIE.

People are relieved that there are no people with injuries and there are certainly no people who are dead.  


Google Glass

Every week my class . . . (class 4) have been doing weekly quizzes I am going to talk about google glass this invention it is great and awesome you can so much thing with this google invention and it may change how you think and act. . .

If you want to record something you put on the glasses  you simply touch record and it takes the video. It is good because hand are absolutely clear because it is on your head . The thing that is so AMAZING is that wherever you look is what the camera can see. That is also like when you take a picture it can see what you see but only when you take a picture you say “ take a picture” to take a picture.

It is all about you talking because if you want to send a message you have to talk and it will write it down for you. On your google glass you have internet so whatever is on your mind and you want to say something  you just speak and it will search it up for you. if you do not speak english and so speak something else so can translate your voice.

The google glass it very strong but super light so you don’t have to worry about having to walk around with something heavy on your face. The google glass is modern so you look a bit flashier than if it was old and rusty. At the moment google glass is just silver until it gets old then they will change the coulor to all sorts like . . . Black , purple , green , red and more . . .     

Oscar Pistorius

This week is week 7 at school and we are doing our weekly quiz. We get to pick what quiz we want tell you guys about I choose the story about Oscar Pistorius and how he may of killed his girlfriend the model reeve .

Oscar Pistorius is a Famous athlete for sprinting. He is in the paralympics as well as the olympics that is amazing especially for him.


My Bio Poem

Line 1:  My name is Nikki
Line 2:  I am noisy, messy , wild
Line 3:  I am a sister and a daughter    
Line 4:  I love Aussie, playing tennis and jewelry
Line 5:  "I feel excited when I am in Rotorua , I feel sad when it is raining and tired    when I wake up I feel tired.
Line 6:  "I have been to a tennis tournament, I have been to rotorua and went to Rainbow’s End
Line 7: I always need new shoes, my hair trimmed and  new thing that are on   T.V
Line 8:  I am scared of big Spiders ( only big black ones) , snakes and all insects.
Line 9: I would like to be a cake designer when I grow up
Line 10: I am a resident of Auckland NZ
Line 11  and my middle name is Jordan

My name is Nikki
I am a child of my mother Shelley
Who loves me and my siblings
Who hates abusive people
Who wants to go to Hawaii
Who wishes she could’ve met a famous singer
Who is scared of Spiders
Who dreams of one day she could get a big job
Who is determined to make little kids happy
Who values everyone
Who is proud of us kids
Who graduated from college
Who lives in auckland new zealand  
Your name again Nikki

Friday, 11 April 2014

FIA FIA 2014

On wednesday night my school Pt. England school had our awesome FIA FIA night. we have FIA FIA every 2 or so years. This year was our massive 2014 FIA FIA. This year we had a lot of items to watch and every single one of them were awesome!!! Thank you to all of the people who came.

When we first walked in to the school we could barely move because it was bustling  crowded with all of the people going  around to food stalls and 3 and a half thousand people walking around. When I went to my changing room there were less and less people around. there were a lot of people around the FIA FIA stage.

When I finally went past all of the people I knock on the door of my changing room and got let in. When I went into my changing for the Hawaiian Hula Girls I went straight to my plastic bag with all of my clothes and costumes and got changed straight away. When I finished putting my red singlet and my hula skirt on I put on my GORGEOUS jewelry on. The jewelry was a hawaiian necklace and a lay (A red one)  and two ankle bracelets and we also had red lipstick.

When It was 7:00 it was time for everyone to walk outside to the mats to start the show. My group the Hawaiian Hula Girls where i the 3rd row so that was good because we could see past all of the tall people. After a couple of minutes everyone was sitting down as well as the parents watching. The atmosphere was loud and dark. I looked around to see all of the other people and their costumes were fancy and some of them were bright with vibrant colours.

When I was on stage I was nervous and felt like running away. When I got into my spot and position I started to shake. As I was shaking I thought to myself Oh No what if I make a mistake and people will start laughing at me. Then the song started and I started to dance I was still shaking when I was dancing. On a dance move we had to look at our hand so I looked at my hand and it was shaking and it felt like it was going to fall off.

On the 2nd dance we had to look at the audience. So we had to look at the audience but I did not see anyone they just looked like dark shadow and all I could see was flashing lights. I thought to myself again I am going to make a mistake but luckily I didn’t make not 1 mistake.