Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My Bio Poem

Line 1:  My name is Nikki
Line 2:  I am noisy, messy , wild
Line 3:  I am a sister and a daughter    
Line 4:  I love Aussie, playing tennis and jewelry
Line 5:  "I feel excited when I am in Rotorua , I feel sad when it is raining and tired    when I wake up I feel tired.
Line 6:  "I have been to a tennis tournament, I have been to rotorua and went to Rainbow’s End
Line 7: I always need new shoes, my hair trimmed and  new thing that are on   T.V
Line 8:  I am scared of big Spiders ( only big black ones) , snakes and all insects.
Line 9: I would like to be a cake designer when I grow up
Line 10: I am a resident of Auckland NZ
Line 11  and my middle name is Jordan

My name is Nikki
I am a child of my mother Shelley
Who loves me and my siblings
Who hates abusive people
Who wants to go to Hawaii
Who wishes she could’ve met a famous singer
Who is scared of Spiders
Who dreams of one day she could get a big job
Who is determined to make little kids happy
Who values everyone
Who is proud of us kids
Who graduated from college
Who lives in auckland new zealand  
Your name again Nikki

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