Monday, 5 May 2014

The Start of term 2 !!!


Today I woke up excited to come to school with my heart pounding out of my chest wanting to see all of my friends and my teacher. It is the first day of term 2 so we got to have *immersion assembly*. The topic for this term is I like to move it, move it and assembly was funny. So the focus for this term is about how things move and work so it basically means that it is a science topic and I love science. But for my class and the rest of the team are learning about Sounds.

So when Mr. Burt said “Lets have a round of applause for the awesome *team 5* ”. My heart was pounding and my spine had a tingle I really wanted to find out what the team 5 teachers had come up with. When I saw the teachers walk down to the stage I pick my head up high and sat real straight so I could see. I finally saw team 5 and it was really funny with all of their *hand made* instruments and then they had created a music video and that just topped it off.

* Team 5 is the year 7’s & 8’s who are the last years of Pt England school.

* Hand Made is when you make something yourself.   

* immersion assembly is when all of the teachers dress up for their topics.   

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