Thursday, 16 May 2013

The snail that opened a smoothie stand

              Snail trail

One day there was a very loud snail that opened a smoothie stand. He was colourful well only on his shell his name was snail trail and he also delivers mail in his spare time. Snail trail was so loud he always says’’WHO WANTS SOME SMOOTHIES WITH A SIDE OF SLIME“ really loud.
Every day when he goes to work the people know that they can steal his smoothies because he is small so he was so sad. Everyone said”What are you going to do about it snail trail”. Snail Trail got mad and a bit sad so when he finished work he went to the snail GYM to work out. GYM It was called snails vania.

The next Day snail trail went back to work and he went to the GYM the previous day and he worked out so he could give the people a lesson. After a few minutes the people came back to try and take some more smoothies and the person was about to put a cherry on the smoothie and BOOM!!! Snail trail climbed on his head and put slime on the man’s face.

Then the other people said ”Hooray snail trail”!!!. And he felt proud of himself but the people had to block their ears because he was so loud when he said”I AM THE BEST it even smashed some glass even  some people’s glasses, So everyone went in line and he was selling a lot of smoothies. Then the man that was stealing the smoothies fell in the pool and he was not happy and it was freezing too .

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