Wednesday, 12 June 2013

William’s wheel of sports Athletics

Title:William’s wheel of sports Athletics

Author:Justin brown

Characters:Grace is:helpful  and her strengths is long jump:William competitive good at running.sprint happy all the time good at shot put.

Setting:At their school field

What was the problem?The problem is that they could not find a fourth person

What was the solution? They had a meeting for a fourth person.

Was there a plot twist? The plot in the story is that they had to spin a wheel but they had to clean the fish tank.

My favourite part of the book was? My Favourite part was when he got his card for his collection he had 99 then he got 100.

If I could change the ending it would end like this? At the end it will be that the card had powers and it made them win all of it and the mean boy came last

Would I read this book again? yes if I had this book I will read it.

Illustrate your favourite scene in the story.
exciting and really cool also it was fantastic.

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