Wednesday, 5 June 2013

All About My Best Friend Christian

Did you know that I have a best friend called Christian She is the best friend I have ever had. she is 10 years old and her birthday is on July the 24Th. Christian is so pretty she has good taste in clothes too.

When I look at her she smiles and when she smiles it brightens up my day so much. she has brown hair but she dyed it a bit blond. when she sleeps over at my house she makes me and my friends laugh .

My friends turned into her friends too and that is cool because it gets us together even more. Christian has 4 brothers and she is the only girl in her family. That is why she comes over to my house to stay the night.

She always paints her nails and wears make-up at my house and hat is cool because she can play modelling and I am always the judge. Christian is big compared to me but it does not bother me at all.

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Marilyn said...

Hi Nikki that is awesome how you write about your best friend Christian. Great profile about you best friend.

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