Friday, 20 November 2015

Andrew Patterson

This morning a well known man named Andrew Patterson. Every year he comes to our school. But he came today to talk to all the year 8 students at Pt. England school because the year 7’s went to a school trip to Rainbows End. He came to talk about college.

He handed out pieces of paper to everyone. On the paper there was a riddle. Everyone was trying to find out the answer and most people thought that it was your brain. Well, they were wrong. The answer was your habits. Good and bad.

He showed us another two pieces of paper, with words like Relaxation, we all had to put our hands up and think about things that relaxed us, there were other ones too.
We watched some clips and films. They also showed us one clip that was a boy who was an inspirational speaker.

Time flied by and it was an end of Andrew Patterson’s Speach.

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