Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Manaiakalani film festival

Last Wednesday everyone from Pt. England school went to sylvia park to watch other people make movies. We all loaded onto the bus and started to go. I sat next to one of my friends Quinlan on the bus. We both were extremely excited to watch the manaiakalani movies.

The bus stopped and we walked through sylvia park in our lines, we also walked past people from other schools who have already been to the earlier session. running up the staircase I though in my head “ WOW, I can’t remember the last time I went to the Manaiakalani film festival.” Quinlan and I both stayed in the same line so we could sit by each other, We entered the movie theater and saw that Ruapotaka school was already there. We both went to the back and found two seats.

As everyone settled down the movies all started to begin. About 20 minutes into the movies two people from our class went up on stage and began to speak. Their names were Mary and Rave. I then began to have an even bigger smile on my face knowing that our movie was going to play. Suddenly the movie began to play and Quinlan was not happy at all because she was the main character in the movie. It was the end of the movie and I was happy to say our movies was the best.

Other movies from other class and some from other schools began to play, I liked them all, but I still knew that our class movie was the best by far.
The Manaiakalani film festival had come to an end. Knowing that they were going to be the last manaiakalani movies I watch, I thought to myself “Man, these were the best movies out of all the movies I have watched, And that is saying a lot considering I have been here at Pt. England school for 8 years.

We all went back onto the bus and headed off back to school.

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