Monday, 4 May 2015

My letter to Gustav Guttenbeil !

NAME : Nikki
ADDRESS: 23 jump street Wellington

Dear  Gustav Guttenbeil,
I want to say sorry for the death of your beloved father.I am sorry that I do not know what you went through. At Least your father  was educated in Aotearoa, New Zealand were education is the best!
As you were born in Tonga you must've loved it there so sorry that you can not go back and even more sorry that you have to live in Germany but could not speak one bit of German...
I have said sorry a lot but it is because you have gone through a lot.
Also sorry that it was a big mistake moving to Germany due to you being part German.
It is amazing that your mother is part Irish.
She must of had an awesome Accent. Being as young as you I would hate to be put in this precision mostly because Germans were hard on children  75 years ago.
It must of been tough joining the British Force against Germany mostly because you were part German as I have said many times.
Well I just wanted to say sorry for your childhood and the death of your father.  And yes you can go back to Tonga no one is holding you Back !
Yours sincerely & faithfully: Nikki

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Ashley said...

Hi Nikki,
I loved your letter, keep up the great work I loved it great work again your the best.

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