Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My letter to William Stowers !

NAME: Louis Stowers
ADDRESS: 23 Jump Street
                                                                                      POSTCODE : 029
DATE: 6.5.15

Dear William Stowers,
Good news that our brothers are fine in England but I am terribly sorry that you have gotten shot in the neck and that the bullet traveled out through your right ear what agony you went through. And sad that you are recovering for 3/4 months in France.
Hopefully The lovely nurses will take good care of you as you are recovering.
I will give all my love to Bella and the kids for you as they are missing you dearly.
Don't forget we are all praying for you to get better and hopefully we will see you soon !

Yours sincerely & faithfully Louis

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kupri said...

Hi i am a student From tamaki primary school i like your story and i like the words that you put in thank you keep up the good work.

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