Monday, 11 May 2015

My letter to Jim O' Dwyer and Eric Henry :)

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NAME : Nikki ADDRESS: 23 jump street POSTCODE : 0352 DATE : 11/5/15

Dear  Jim O’Dwyer and Eric Henry,
I want to start off by saying "Sorry" for the tragedy and short notice that the war spread all over the islands.
All of you guys were very smart of what you did  when your younger brothers joined the WWII.
When you had to beat them up just so they didn't have to contribute in the war. And good for you for trying your best !
I am so terribly sorry that the Germans invaded the islands!
I also heard of the really gruesome things that happened to you guys like when your leg got shot and you arm was hanging on by your skin.
Poor Guys !
And I also heard that your father was a priest and you said to him “Father, I am not going to die” And that was really heart warming !

Yours sincerely and faithfully Nikki :)

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