Friday, 9 March 2012

Blindfold Experience.

Guess what? On Monday room 14 did a blindfold experience in the hall .
We all got a turn to go on the obstacle course.  There were a lot of exciting things there that were amazing. I love being blind folded because I can use my senses. 

I liked going over the tackling bags.When I went under the tarpaulin it was easy for me because I am small.When I went up the steps my partner was holding me because she was thinking that I was going to fall off the stage.

My favorite part was jumping off the stage and falling off on to a big blue mat.  To me it was lovely, perfect , cool and amazing I wander if YOU will do it one day?     


Nikita said...

Hi Nikki,
I really liked your story it was very interesting.You added a lot of detail to your story.I really liked your sentence beginnings.Keep it up,good work.

Eric said...

hay Nikki
cool story. Yes room 15 did go to have fun being blind folded

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