Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Vision Board 2012

My Vision Bord 2012

1.sports.   I want to get better at swimming.   I want to ignore  people who  talk to me when the teacher is talking.
3.friends.  I want my friends to be kind to me.
4.maths.    I want to get my times tables right.
5.Health.   I want to get healthy.
6.Writing.  I want to use the rubber less.
7.Reading.  I want to finnish my books.
8.Family.   I want to help my mum with the dishes.


Chante said...

Hello Nikki,
that is great way to show your goals and things that you want to do and get better at. I hope you can achieve your goals and that you will be proud of yourself, like mum and I would. Thanks for sharing Nikki. Keep up the great work!!!!!

Love from Chante.

lee said...

Hi Nikki

your pitcher is very fankey. I whish I was that cool. by Nikki

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