Monday, 5 March 2012

Great things take time.

Great things take time.

When I grow up I want to be able to cook and bake
for friends and  my family. I want to start by making
pancakes to making big big BIG cakes! J.K. Rowling took time and look what she has done.

I really want to be like J.K rowling because she never gave up.
She always edited her work just like I am going to take time when I am going to cook and bake food.
I will start baking when I am eleven because that was like my sister did and look were that took her.
I will cook for my family and friends.

When my family and friends are sick I will make something for them to heal them and make them happy. Just like J.K rolling made people happy by making verry good books.

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sarah said...

Hi Nikki what a good story. You rock at writing now so keep on going and strive to succeed and do not give up.

from sarah

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