Thursday, 23 July 2015

How Do People Receive And Spend Money ?

How Do People Receive And Spend Money ?
Money is a world wide currency that people use for various reasons,
Every country in the world has different looking money because of their queen governments and famous people are on their dollar notes.

How do I get money?
In the weekend I ask my dad if I can was the inside of his car normally he will say yes.
If he does say yes he gives me about $10 and he says If you can do the outside of my car you can get another $10.
If my parents do something wrong they would put some money in a jar and when it is full they give us the money in the jar.

My family knows be as a saver
I'm not the one to spend my money,
If I am feeling generous I get my brother and take him out for lunch.
Lee is what you call “ Stingy “ he never spends his money he asks other people to buy things for him.
I only spend my money on sweets but earn more money at the end of the week by more household chores.

To receive money you could go to a bank or your family or even if you are doing a fundraiser you could get money from stranger.

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