Thursday, 2 July 2015

P.E.S should have uniform

I think that Pt England school should have uniform because it would be a popularity contest if we did not have a uniform.
By that I mean that if people couldn't afford fancy clothes people would be mocking them, saying things that would really upset that person,
also people would be buying expensive clothes wasting parents money.
It would be hard to find clothes for everyday of the week.

Clothes are a mission to clean if you do not have a washing machine and a dryer...
you would have to go to the dry cleaners everyday and wash your clothes.

But if you have  a uniform you would only have to wash your uniform once a week and you don't have to worry about what you have to wear the next day.
So I think that PES should have school uniform.

Imagine yourself without a uniform,
It would not be nice to do the different subjects at school,
like if you were wearing pants and a long sleeved shirt and you had to do P.E with that on but with uniform it is perfect for all subjects for the day.
So I say we should have uniform at P.E.S ( Pt. England school).

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