Monday, 15 October 2012

In the holidays

In the holidays something bad happened it was that my big brother Nick had a big accident.He was in hospital and Me, Lee, my Mum,my Dad and my sister. When I went in to his room he was looking at me like he did not remember me but he did.

When I went to him he put his arm out and hugged me then he gave me a big kiss.When I looked to the side I looked at all the cards that I made for him.I tried not to cry.

I did not know that he could not talk so I tried to talk to him then My mum said “’He can not talk.” He was looking everywhere to see what was happening.Then I went to kiss him and hug him and He was happy. I went out of the hospital and I was happy that he was happy.

Overall I had a good day staying with my brother because I will not see him in a long time.My brother is going to rehab then I can make him bracelets and give him some flowers and also decorate his room!!!

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Faafetai said...

HI NIkki

Irelly like your blog about your big brother having an accident because it was so sad and I hope he gets better good job.

By Faafetai you rock

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