Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Olympic game

In 2012 the summer olympics are going to be held in london,England and Great Britain.And did you know that this year the 2012 olympics are going to be in london this year in 2012.

The opening Ceremony  is a parade that introduced the olympics games.The Ceremony is opening on the july 27 2012.ceremonies for the olympic games are cool.

Did you know that the closing ceremony is on August the 12 2012.

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Chante said...

Hi Nikki, I liked your writing, but I think that you have added the same information into the same paragraph!!! There is also quite a bit of repetition in your writing such as, 2012 and Ceremony. Maybe you could fix this up and then I can read it again to see how you have improved.

Love you Lots, Chante

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