Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympic opening ceremony

Did you know that the opening ceremony was on July the  27th 2012 this year.The ceremony is all about the olympics and is also a fan base.If you do not know what a fan base is it is a place where the fans go to see the olympic people.

Mike Mcroberts was reporting live at london where the olympic ceremony was hosted.He looked really excited to be at london to see the crowd go wild and crazy.His face also got red.

During the amazing ceremony Mike Mcroberts  gave us some amazing footage of the ceremony. It had fireworks and a lot of medals were giving out to the people that were being hosted at the ceremony.I was amazed of the footage.

When I saw the queen and james bonds in the helicopter I was very amazed.When I heard that the queen was going to jump out of the helicopter with a parachute I was surprised.She must of been scared.

When they went back into the ceremony I saw that there was a lot of fireworks,Showing the old sports,dancing and singing.There was a lot of different countries at the ceremony.

My favorite part of the ceremony was when I saw the fireworks exploded into the air and then it let the game begin!!

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