Monday, 16 July 2012

In the Holidays

In the holidays I went to my sisters house and we made cupcakes and cakes they were banana flavored with a topping that was chocolate nutella and a banana on top of it.
My sisters name is penny and she is twenty eight years old that is fun having a sister
that is twenty eight  years old because we always make stuff that is with cooking.
then we had dinner and it was sausages,mashed potato and veggies.

Then we watched a movie, it was a funny movie because
it was a comedy movie I didn't know a lot of their names.After that we had our cupcakes
and it had a slice of banana on the top of the banana.

Finally we had a shower got into our p.j’s and brushed our teeth and hair then went to bed.But we can not go to sleep so we told ghost stories and then I fell asleep.

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