Friday, 24 August 2012

Dan's Day Saturday

In a paragraph retell what happened in this chapter. Focus on the main points.On Saturday Dan's parents and his friends parents come over to Dan's house for a BBQ.They were dressing up weird.everyone said that this is the best BBQ ever.

Dan's big sisters idea was to make a store board to remember him by.

Dan put the photos of chops on the notice board so they can see it. 

Dan's family put chops name in graffiti. 

They had a BBQ for chops death.

A dingo is a dog in Australia.

Aisle's dad 
decided to do a dingo dance.

He said that because he got tough that when he was a kid.

Dan and all of the kids were
embarrassed because there parents were dressing up wearied.

9. Why would have Chops enjoyed the Party?Chops would of liked the party because they were having a BBQ.

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