Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Paralympics

Paralympic Games!!!

Did you know that the paralympics are games that have people that have a disability.There the people who still want to be in the olympics. They still do the same olympic events but in wheelchairs. Instead, they join the paralympics where they can compete against other paralympians  to win gold!

The winter and summer olympic games are going to be held after the paralympic games.The paralympic games are for the people with disabilities so they get to have a chance to be in the olympics. People who are in the olympics do not have disabilities.

Many people in the paralympics are in wheelchairs, have amputation and are blind.There are 20 events in the paralympics games including, wheelchair basketball, para equestrian, goalball and sitting volleyball. Most paralympic event rules are the same except for some paralympic events.

There are winter and summer paralympics games. The paralympic games are held after the olympics. The people that are in the paralympics have a lot of disabilitiessome of the paralympics events are quite hard for the people in the paralympics because they have bad disabilities.

The paralympics starts today, thats cool. There will be 4200 athlete competing in 20 different events. The games will be on the  29 August to the 9 September.


Chante said...

Hi Nikki, I didn't really get your writing. You did use very effective vocabulary, but you have repeated quite a bit. Like when you talked about the Paralympic games in lots of the paragraphs. Maybe you could change them up a bit.

Love from Chante

Christian said...

HELLO NIKKI I really like your writing it is cool how u wrote about the paralympics i hope u have a good dae love from Christian by the way keep up the good work. :)

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