Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My Narrative

                                     My Narrative !!!
On a cold and rainy night everyone went to bed there names were Ally, Jaxso,Shelley and Kyle.Everyone except the grandad named sam he stayed awake.Then they got kisses and went to sleep.

After that Ally had trouble sleeping so she went down stairs and got a drink. Soon she was in the kitchen and she got her drink of water and she took one big GULP.Next She washed her cup and put it away.

So after that She went past the sitting room and through the crack she could see lights she thought it was aliens.She started to cry because she thought that the aliens was going to eat her.

After That Ally Took jaxson from His bed and he was scared. Then she opened up the door and it was only her grandpa watching T.V.So She Got a kiss and went to bed.

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lee said...

hi nikki

that is A very cool story and that is A nice pincher so I will like to hear from you

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