Wednesday, 3 April 2013

What I did in the Easter holidays

In the Easter holidays Me and my family went to rainbows end and it was amazing and fantastic. It was expensive but it was worth it. When we went there the line was short and then after a few minutes there was a big line to go to rainbows end.

After that we went in the doors to go to rainbow end and I was excited.The first thing I went on was the gold rush it was bumpy when we went up the hill. Next we found my dad he just came off the terrifying fear fall and he was red so we started to laugh.

After that funny moment I wanted to go again but with my dad on the ride too. he said “this is nothing the fear fall was much worse” About a minute later we went on the the floom and that was cool because I got wet a lot.My mum made me go in the front so she will not get wet.

My mum loves the roller coaster so we went on it and I opened my eyes for the first time on the roller coaster because I was always too scared to open my eyes that is why I opened my eye.Finally the ride stopped and I got out of the roller coaster and went on a different ride which was the invader and that was AMAZING My mum did not go on it because she said it looks scary so only me my dad and my brother went on the ride.

Sooner after we went on the envater we went on another ride and that was the power surge and that was so cool.But only me my dad and my brother went on it because my mum said “IT LOOKS TOO SCARY. So she went on the log floom. And we went on more rides witch were all of them except for the fear fall and the scorpion carts.


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