Monday, 15 April 2013

What The...?

           WHAT THE...?
One Day when Cassie was going past her house they saw something odd.She tried going to different angles so see what the thing on the power line but she did not know what it was .It was a bit hard to see what it was with all of hat fog.

After that she finally  knew what it was and it was a elephant.She said to herself’ “How did that poor creature get up there that is weird”.Next She  went home to get a big ladder and she got her friends to get a big foamy thing.

Sooner after they got the things that they needed they went to the elephant and it was crying .So they got the foamy thing and put it on the ground under the elephant and then the girl Cassie went up the ladder to untie the rope.Then the elephant fell onto the foamy thing.

The next day Cassy was walking down the road to get some bread and some Milk for her mum and then she saw the elephant running down the road so she knew that it was hungry so she went to the shop and got some dog food for it.At exacly one o ‘ clock she wet to the zoo and she said can to take this cute animal in to the zoo please and they aid yes.

So that animal was happy at the zoo with all of his friends and the girl was happy too.  


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