Monday, 8 April 2013

The GraveYard

             The Graveyard!!!
One day there was a girl Sophie she lived next to a graveyard so she decided to go there at night time. so she kissed her mum and dad good night and went to bed.After that she went out of her window and went to the graveyard.

Sooner after she went out of her window and went out of the gate without any noise she went to the graveyard with a  sharp knife and she looked at the graveyard.BUT something bad happened she was being smart and was jumping on one of the graves. And the zombie was MAD.

Finally she stopped jumping  and the zombies came out of their graves and they were really mad so they chased after her and they were fast. Then the zombies got her and they were trying to eat her but she grabbed her knife and she was cutting them and one of them were biting Sophie so she was crying .

10 minutes after she was crying she went home and  went to bed. And then it was morning and she said oh lucky that was just a dream so she went out of bed and made her breakfast. Next her mum woke up and said why do you have bite marks on your arm and she said ahh um I was biting myself because I was scared ha and her mum said okay that is weird that you did that. So Sophie knew that that was not a dream!!!     

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