Thursday, 4 April 2013

My bff Cristian

     All about my BFF christian!!!

Hi My name is Nikki and I have a BFF and her name is Christian. She has a good personality which is so amazing. She is someone who will cheer up people with her smile.I am lucky to have a friend like her and if she was your friend then you will be lucky.

Christian is very smart+pretty That = perfect to me!she said to me will you like to be my friend and I said yes I will love to so that is how we became friends.When people cry she feels sad so she makes them better and that makes her better too.

Christian has nice hair it is brown with a little bit of blond.I like christian’s style of clothes and shoes.I love christian she is the best I hope and wish that we will be BFF’S forever.        

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Christian said...

Thank you Nikki I really appreciate about what you said about me you are the best B FF ever.

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