Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Fia Fia Group

 Hawaiian group

Our Hawaiian group is awesome we have a lot of cool moves. The clothes that we rear are amazing we rear grass skirts, necklaces, a headpiece and little flowers  on our arms. We are creative with our clothing  that we are going to rear.

Our tutors are nice and friendly they are Miss Kirkwood, Miss ED and Miss Ouano. They are teaches at our school and they are fantastic. All three of them make sure that we get the moves perfect.I am a European girl but I am proud to be in Hawaiian.                                                                                                                   we are doing great with our moves and our cloths but do not forget about our beautiful smiles.My favirout part is when we do the dip because the beat is cool and it is fun to do . When I hop on to stage I think that we are going to do exactly how we practices I am excited for next week on Thursday we are having our 60 anniversary and we are doing FIA FIA !!

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Christian said...

Hi Nikki I think we do have awesome moves because i am in your group as well. And i do think our tutors are kind your best friend Christian

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