Monday, 26 August 2013

x country day

GUESS WHAT!!! On Thursday when the sun was shining and the birds were chirping and there were no clouds  we had x country and it was so fun we did it at our school on the field. I was in the 10 year old girls who were pretty fast. At the finish line there was this great big thing that said FUN RUN on it and it was on our field where we finish our big race.

When we ran we went down our field then around the field out of the gate’s to the farm around the reserve and back into the gate. when we finished the race we got a glass of water where the office was and when I was at the finish line my brother was there and his name is lee he was saying “ GO! NIKKI GO!” and that made me happy.

When we finished the race and when we sat down the teachers said “Elizabeth came 1st ,Kevine came 2nd and  Ofa came 3rd. Sonner I went back to the teacher and I said “what did I come” and she said you came 5th and Shavana came 4th. I was so happy that I came 5th. we went back to class to rest...

... and we sat down on the picnic table to dry out the mud on our feet. After that when me and my friend (BFF) Keis were dry we went inside to play some games on our netbooks. But the cow where we keep some of our netbooks in was not open so I could not play on it so I went to my BFF Keis and we went on her netbook we played fireboy and watergirl on a site called cool maths games.

If you want to go to my BFF’s blog to see what she is up to here is a link to her blog...



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