Monday, 12 August 2013


Listen to Nikki as she retells the story.

Once upon a time there live happy people that lived in a village with a paddock over the hill where the sheep lived one day there was a shepherd that was looking after the sheep and the next week he got a bit bored so he was thinking of something to do. He waited a few minutes even a few hours for something exciting to do so he wished and wished for a wolf to play with.

So he wished for a wolf but nothing happened so he wanted to trick the people in the village. He ran past the paddock over the hill and went to the village and said”AHH A WOLF A WOLF WOOOOOOOOOOOOLF so they got pickaxes, knives, torches and other things that can kill the wolf. After that he said”HA HA I fooled you. They were mad and the blacksmith was even more angry

The next day when he woke up he was thinking of what he did yesterday when he fooled the villagers so he thought that he could do it again.He got out of bed and he thought that he can take it to the next level so he got red paint and put it on his arm to make it look like it is blood.Next he made his clothing ripped up and went to the village and said AHH A WOLF A WOLF WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLF they got scared and got things that will kill the wolf.The shepherd said “ha ha I fooled you guy’s again” so they got mad and they went back to their houses and the blacksmith said “not funny”

About three weeks later he got even more bored so he was wishing and wishing for something to occupy him so his job to look after the sheep was interesting.He was up to mishrif most of the time and that was fantastic for him but he got sick of it after a while. When he looked over the hill there was a wolf running so he ran to the village and screamed AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THERE IS A WOLF CHASING ME AHHHHHHHHH. No one came out of there houses because they thought that he was lying.

The moral of the story: Never lie otherwise you will die or you will have to be running for the rest of you life.

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Nikita said...

Hi Nikki,

Hello there Nikki I loved your story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf it was really interesting to me and it had heaps of detail to it. I am really looking forward to some more of your cool stores.

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