Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Once upon a time in a faraway land up on a hillside there live a shepherd with his sheep. The shepherd LOVED his sheep. On the other side of the hill lived a wolf with razor sharp teeth that was hungry for meat. He knew there were sheep on the other side of the hill. The shepherd REALLY cared about his sheep. He made sure they were warm and took the sheep to their barn and left them all alone at night.

​Well the wolf wondered where he could find clothing to make himself look like a sheep so he could get some meat. After searching for clothing he finally went to a big tree with snow on the branches and the leaves and he looked behind it and found a sheepskin. The wolf put it on and went to the sheep’s barn and joined them so he could get some DELICIOUS MEAT .

​A few minutes later when the shepherd left the barn the shepherd got a bit hungry so he walked back to the barn to the sheep so he could eat one of them. He picked the fattest sheep of them all and it was the WOLF. He killed it and took it home to his lovely wife to eat and they found out that it was not a sheep it was a wolf.

The moral of the story:Never pretend to something or someone you not

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